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Content warning: Glitchcore contains images which may trigger epileptic seizures in some people. People with a history of epileptic seizures should refrain from looking at this page.

Glitchcore is a visual aesthetic where a normal image is edited and distorted to contain heavily saturated colours and flashing patterns. Glitchcore usually contains characters or artwork for cartoons/anime - in this way, Glitchcore is similar to Mind Murder and Tenwave.


  • Highly saturated colors
  • Black and white, but not gray
  • Pixels
  • Patterns such as waves, stripes, and checkers
  • Peace signs, hearts, starts, smiley faces, and other symbols
  • Anime/cartoon characters



Glitchcore music, which emerged in the 1990s, mainly focuses on loud, hyperactive music to accompany the bright visuals.

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