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Warning: The Glitch Aesthetic has the potential to trigger epileptic seizures in certain people. If you have a history of epilepsy; please refrain from looking at this page. Thank you.

Glitch is a short-lived fault in a system, such as a transient fault that corrects itself, making it difficult to troubleshoot. The term is particularly common in the computing and electronics industries, in circuit bending, as well as among players of video games. More generally, all types of systems including human organizations and nature experience glitches.

A glitch, which is slight and often temporary, differs from a more serious software bug which is a genuine functionality-breaking problem. Alex Pieschel, writing for Arcade Review, said: "“bug” is often cast as the weightier and more blameworthy pejorative, while “glitch” suggests something more mysterious and unknowable inflicted by surprise inputs or stuff outside the realm of code."


The glitched look is frequently featured in both Vaporwave and Lo-Fi works (with the rare instance it shows up in some Synthwave videos when it's trying to completely replicate the 80's look, like it's a lost video showing its age).


Glitch Fashion



Digicore (also people call it glitchcore)

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Datamosh, (or Databending) is a complex glitch technique where the movement in one layer of video is applied to another layer of footage, using glossy compression and removed frames to create a glitchy, psychedelic result.