Girl-Next-Door is a term used to describe a female archetype and fashion aesthetic that can range in terms of personal definition. But usually denotes a girl or woman who appeals to traditional or “all-American” gender norms with the allure of purity, simplicity, and charm, with a natural, modest, or effortless beauty.


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The most distinctive feature is the fluffy silhouette of the outfits and a cute atmosphere. The colors and designs make it look feminine at a glance, with pastel colors such as pink being the main focus. There are many designs featuring ribbon, ruffles, and lace, and even when sneakers are worn, they are in floral patterns, and the shoe laces are pink.

  • Floral dress
  • Cropped cardigan
  • Ruffled top
  • Soft-tee
  • Flowy skirt
  • Peep-toe heels
  • Ballet flats
  • Boot-cut jeans
  • The color pink

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In Japan (where the aesthetic is known as Girly Kei or Larme Kei), there are few particular subgenres of the Girl-Next-Door look.

Casual Girly

A girly style with a casual atmosphere, often featuring denim miniskirts, shorts and sneakers. The outfits often include sweaters and hoodies with many frills and ribbons. It's a pop and energetic coordination.

Otona Girly

As its name suggests, is a more mature girly style. Since it is targeted at older women, the clothes cover more skin than usual, and there are many feminine dresses and skirts with elegant ruffles and floral lace. However, the playful prints and accessories still empathize the girly cuteness.

Retro Girly

It's a girly style based on wearing outfits that have a retro feeling. The outfits usually feature a tartan main piece in muted pastels or earth tones. Flared skirts and tri-fold socks are very popular.



The concept is "sweet girly artbook." It is a magazine with a very cute atmosphere, often covered by girls in girly fashion on the cover. It often features freebies like eyeshadow make-up sets and paper with cute visuals.


A magazine full of adult girly outfits that are not too sweet and a casual mix. The accessories such as pouches and bags are collabs with extremely cute fashion brands.


With the theme of girly beauty, it features a style with feminine elements that is a little mature. It will be helpful if you like girly fashion but want a calm outfit.


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