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Gen Alpha Brainrot is a meme aesthetic that parodies memes, slang, media and internet culture associated with Gen Alpha and younger kids on sites such as TikTok and YouTube.

It is unknown when it directly began but it is likely to have started after the boom in popularity of Skibidi Toilet and other memes from that time.


Gen Alpha Brainrot's visuals may include at least some of the following things:

  • Usage of slang or AAVE, including "gyatt", "rizz" and "Fanum tax"
  • Popular 2020s memes
    • Only in Ohio
    • TikTok
    • Skibidi Toilet
    • Grimace Shake
    • Among Us
    • Baby Gronk
    • Level 1 Gyatt Level 2 Gyatt Level 3 Gyatt
    • Livvy Dunne
    • Becoming Uncanny
    • Lobotomy Fire in the Hole
    • Roblox Chicken Nugget / Gegagedigedagedago
  • Skull emojis
  • Popular YouTube content creators BONUS: There is a type of underrated Brainrot that involves the character Jean-François from the 2009 computer-animated series Bunny Maloney swinging on a vine in a jungle with no substance at all. Though only some people have heard of it. These types of videos are most often talked about by very small YouTubers.


    • Mr. Beast
    • iShowSpeed
    • Fanum
    • Cocomelon
    • LankyBox
    • Mr. Dweller
    • Kai Cenat
    • DaFuq?!Boom!
    • Nikocado Avocado
    • Most modern ElsaGate channels
    • Lisagaming
  • Overestimulating walls of content (including Family Guy clips, Subway Surfers, GTA 5 races)


Online Communities[]


  • Jej from Animatic Battle

Video Games[]

    • Fortnite
    • Poppy Playtime
    • Garten of Banban
    • Cheap mass-produced mobile games
    • Gorilla Tag


  • Skibidi Toilet
  • The Amazing Digital Circus


  • Happy Birthday Grimace by CG5
  • Only in Ohio by CG5
  • Skibidi Fortnite by Lil Big Stack
  • Skibidi Toilet Phonk
  • Sticking Out Your Gyatt for the Rizzler (Parody of Ecstasy) by suicidal-idol



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  2. Ke$ha - Tik Tok (Skibidi Version)