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Gamercore surrounds things such as video games and gaming-related things such as controllers and other accessories, especially of the retro variety. Content from this aesthetic usually invoke feelings of comfort, contentment, euphoria and nostalgia.


Gamercore aesthetic visuals include:

  • Game cartridges and discs
  • Game controllers and other accessories
  • Gaming consoles
  • Gaming magazines
  • TVs
  • Arcade cabinets
  • PCs
  • Headsets
  • 8-bit & pixel graphics
  • Low-Poly graphics
  • Wireframe graphics
  • Neon colors


  • Starbomb
  • DAGames
  • Machinae Supremacy


  • Pac-Man Fever & Do The Donkey Kong by Buckner & Garcia
  • Power Glove by Knife Party
  • First Person Shooter by Celldweller
  • Final Boss by Nitro Fun
  • Infinite Ammo by Le Castle Vania


Kawaii Gamer[]

Surrounds really cute and/or feminine gaming aesthetics with cute colors such as pink and white (ex. Hamster Life, Alchemic Cutie, any Hello Kitty game).
(For more in-depth infomation about Kawaii Gamer, please visit this page.)


Surrounds Nintendo games and console-related aesthetics specifically (ex. Mario series, Animal Crossing, Pokémon, Kirby).
(For more in-depth infomation about Nintencore, please visit this page.)


Focuses on retro gaming specifically (ex. any games predating the year 1995 or that are in a retro style).
(For more in-depth infomation about Retrocore, please visit this page.)

Horror/Gothic Gamer[]

A horror gamer will play scary, spooky, or gothic games for the thrills. This can include both psychological or classical horror genres respectively, and can include Creepypasta games (ex. Resident Evil, Silent Hill, Danganronpa, Identity V).


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