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Gamers are a self-identified label based on having the hobby of video gaming. Along with the practice of video games is the presence of a subculture where gamers bond over different experiences, genres, jokes, etc. involved in gaming.

The subculture has an aesthetic component, as companies design gaming-related merchandise to facilitate gaming that has a distinct look to it, which is both a result of the necessities of the function and community response. Design companies have made different components of the "setup," which is the desk, PC, consoles, etc. have a distinctive design, leading to the aesthetic.

Because gaming and the subculture behind it has many different visual qualities, this is a disambiguation page for more specific gamer aesthetics.

Kawaii Gamer[]

Kawaii Gamer, aka Pastel E-Girl, is a westernized version of Kawaii that is popular amongst gamers, Twitch streamers, and anime fans. The Kawaii Gamer community gathers on Twitch frequently and tends to be Gen Z.