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Gamblecore, also known as Cash Irony, is a meme aesthetic that satirizes gambling simulator advertisements through low-quality footage and surrealistic visuals relating to casinos, slot machines, money, depictions of gamblers as "insane" old people, and other activities related to online and offline gambling in general[1].

The aesthetic is mainly video-based, with many videos simply being titled "Gamblecore" on social media to emphasize the irony. It is inspired by other meme formats such as "Hood Irony", "Corecore" and Arabfunny, first emerging in early 2023 on TikTok.


Gamblecore videos use absurd, overstimulating and humorous visuals that satirize the chaotic world of gambling. They frequently use motifs like flashing neon signs, stacks of cash bursting out of money bags, explosions of diamonds and loud repetitive voices encouraging you to spend more money, creating a sensory overload that mimics the intoxicating allure of real-life casinos. Because of this, some people on YouTube jokingly described it as "the Skibidi Toilet for 50-year-olds".

The main point of the Gamblecore aesthetic is to satirize the absurdity of low-effort misleading advertisements related to online gambling websites and clickbait alike. This includes low-quality rendering, poorly photoshopped images of trophies and cash, cheesy slogans promising instant wealth to the audience, and clickbait headlines that scream "WIN BIG NOW!". These elements can be further exaggerated in the videos by using words "bazillion" or other made-up numbers derived from it.




Video Games[]

  • Fallout: New Vegas