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Gachimuchi (ガチムチ) is a Japanese subculture and Internet phenomenon relating to exaggerated wrestling movies. The subculture revolves around the humorous and often exaggerated portrayal of muscular men engaging in wrestling battles, and sometimes other sports. Gachimuchi videos usually involve content meant to portray pornography (especially gay videos) in an over-the-top but not explicitly sexual way by incorporating elements of homoeroticism and Camp humor. Many memes and remixes related to the subculture feature exaggerated movements and suggestive poses that jokingly explore masculinity and sexuality. In Japan, these types of videos are known as "Wrestling Series" videos, and they quickly gained meme status online internationally, and became associated with the Japanese OtoMAD video genre through the creation of multiple memes and musical remixes featuring the subculture.


The Gachimuchi subculture first appeared in the late 1990s, mostly on websites and online forums where adult-oriented information was shared. It was mainly influenced by the Japanese adult video industry, especifically by the "muscle worship" genre. In fact, it was closely related to companies like Can-Am Productions or Colt Studios. These films frequently involved muscular men flexing, posing, and participating in various sports.

It gained meme status during the early 2000s with the expansion of video-sharing websites like NicoNicoDouga and YouTube, where the Gachimuchi subculture grew more popular. Various Japanese Internet users started creating parodies and musical remixes of existing Gachimuchi films depicting strong men by adding funny edits, sound effects, and music. The musical remixes frequently use catchphrases associated with the Gachimuchi subculture - for example, a well known remix is Boy♂Next♂Door, which features multiple voice lines and exaggerated sounds from Gachimuchi movies. Additionally, these types of memes and remixes belonged to a wider Japanese video genre known as "OtoMAD", which is kind of like the Japanese counterpart of MLG memes.


The fashion associated with Gachimuchi could be described as flamboyant or 'over-the-top'. It often parodies traditional wrestling attire, as well as bondage fashion. Participants of the Gachimuchi subculture often dress in costumes that emphasize exaggerated masculinity and sexual elements. The colours typically used include black and sometimes white accents.

Some common fashion elements seen in Gachimuchi include:

  • Masculine leotards
  • Singlets
  • Wrestling boots
  • Wristbands
  • Armbands
  • Belts
  • Spiked collars
  • Black leather pants
  • Bondage elements
  • Revealing clothing


Disclaimer: many content related to the Gachimuchi subculture is sexually suggestive. It is advised to not watch or consume the content if you are underage or dislike sexual content.

Film & Videos[]

  • Gachimuchi (1999)
  • Muscle Heat (2004)
  • Gachimuchi Pants Wrestling (2007)
  • Catalina Boy Band (2002)
  • Lords of the Lockerroom (2000)
  • Workout: Muscle Fantasies 3 (1999)
  • Playing with Fire 2: Friendly Fire (2016)
  • House of Detention (?)


  • Billy Herrington/Jimmy Dean
  • Van Darkholme
  • Ricardo Milos
  • Steve Rambo
  • Blake Harper/Colton Ford

YouTube Memes[]

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