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Gabber is a Dutch youth subculture and electronic musical genre originating from Rotterdam during the 1990s. It was and still is one of the most influential and significant subcultures of the Netherlands. The word Gabber is a Mokums (Amsterdam dialect) word meaning 'friend'. The genre is characterized by its fat and distorted kicks and fast tempos that range from 150 BPM to 190 BPM.




Gabber fashion was extremely iconic and easy to recognize back in the 90s[1]. The clothing worn by Gabbers was usually oversized and designed to be as comfortable[2] as possible, given the energetic nature of Hakken dancing and other aspects of Rave culture. Some common characteristics of Gabber fashion are:

  • Tracksuits
  • Bomber jackets
  • Australian L'Alpina
  • Nike Air Max shoes
  • Hoodies
  • Baggy pants
  • Baseball caps
  • Bandanas
  • Sunglasses
  • Shaved head (masculine)
  • Braided hair and shaved sides on the head (feminine)
  • Thunderdome logo tattoos
  • Distinctive patterns in clothing



Gabber, Gabba or Early Hardcore is characterized by its fast and aggressive beats, distorted and heavy basslines, and repetitive and energetic sound patterns. Gabber music is often associated with a high tempo ranging from 150 to 220 beats per minute (BPM), making it one of the fastest genres within EDM, as well as other types of Rave music. It was heavily influenced by other Electronic music genres such as Techno, Acid House, and Industrial music.




  • Participating in music events and raves
  • Collecting Gabber merchandise
  • Dancing
    • Hakken: it's a dance style derived from the Gabber subculture. This dance style involves fast-paced movements, including jumping, kicking, and stomping in sync with the music's fast tempo. Hakken is characterized by its high energy and physicality, often performed in groups or circles, creating a sense of unity among the participants.
  • Participating in DIY culture
  • Participating in social activism


Musical Artists[]

  • Paul Estak
  • Marc Acardipane
  • DJ Rob
  • The Prophet
  • MCR-T
  • Joost