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Furries experience their fandom mainly through art, of their own characters and of others. How these furry characters are depicted can differ vastly from artist to artist. Nonetheless, in general, most furry artists have a preference for bright, happy colours, often with pastel tones.

In many OCs (especially older ones made pre-2010), tacky, kitschy colour combinations are seen (such as a wolf character with grey body, neon blue snout, eyes and hair, plus bright pink stripes on their body). Although this trend seems to have diminished somewhat, the preference for bright, happy colours remains, which is unsurprising, considering how many furry characters are - directly or indirectly - inspired by cartoons. Therefore, the furry fandom is often close to Kidcore.

Obviously, not all furry artists have this aesthetic, and in principle virtually any aesthetic may be combined with a furry character.


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Furry fashion is, essentially, just a giant fursuit that wouldn't look out of place running around at an amusement park. However, what the fursuit looks like is, quite literally, up to the person's imagination (and it is usually based on their fictional avatar in the community, referred to as a "fursona") and it will often be made by people skilled in the art of tailoring.

Also, contrary to popular belief, only a very small minority of furry enthusiasts actually do fursuiting (in part due to the high cost of commissioning a fursuit).

Fursuit Tailors


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Please note this section is available for informational documentation and does not take a stance on this subject, nor does it promote the views detailed. Documentation on all aspects of a subject is necessary for understanding the entirety of the subject through multiple perspectives. Viewer discretion is advised.

Among furries, and especially among non-furries, the sexual aspect of the fandom (sometimes still designated using the rather outdated term "yiff") is controversial. A number of furries will vehemently claim that the fandom has absolutely nothing to do with sex or porn, explicitly distancing themselves from it and condemning all furry porn, which in a whole in unrelated to the fandom, most furries who separate themselves from the fandom, are simply enjoying the artwork, commissions, and other things the community provides, without the fetish.

However, most furries are at ease with the sexual aspect and find erotic furry art one of the most pleasant things about the community. This sexual aspect is by far mostly explored through online pornographic art and not, as is commonly believed, enacted in real life.

Among some non-furries, there exists the great misconception that most, if not all furries, are zoophiles, ie. people who fantasize about having sex with actual, feral animals (whether these be 'real' or cartoon animals like Pluto). Most social research however suggests that the vast majority of furries are not interested in sex with non-anthropomorphic animals, and that zoophilia is not more common in the furry fandom than in the general population. Associating the fandom with zoophiles, rapists and pedophiles is about as valid as associating homosexuality (which is common in the fandom) with those sex offenders. However, getting this to be accepted common knowledge among your layman is, much like the stigma around homosexuality and sex offenders, going to take a long time to fully scrub from the Furry community.


Throughout the Furry fandom, there are quite a few species that exist in real life. Including,

  • Wolf
  • Cat
  • Dog
  • Bunny
  • Fox
  • Bird
  • Fish
  • Frog

Some people make hybrids of species above (they are categorized, there are plenty more). There are others that make entirely new species that don’t exist in the wild. For example,

  • Dutch Angel Dragon
  • Dragon
  • Sodaroo
  • Skulldog
  • Winged wolf
  • Protogen/ Primagen (the rarer version)
  • Manokit
  • Sergal
  • unspecified

There are many more species that are known of, but those are some of the most popular species.


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