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Funwaacore is a meme aesthetic and internet subculture that was used on old internet joke blogs and subreddits revolving around old Facebook humor, mainly of Indian origin. Those who are interested in Funwaacore call themselves Funcels (and the people who prefer Gumwaacore call themselves Gumcels).

It could also be described as Arabfunny's Indian counterpart due to their similiarities and closeness. However, Funwaacore predates it.

Its sad counterpart is called Gumwaacore. The Funwaa and Gumwaa memes even possess their own lore[1].

During the mid-2010s, the Funcel and Gumcel subcultures were at their peak popularity on Reddit.

Somewhere around 2020, the Funwaa website closed, and still is to this day.




An example of Gumwaacore

Gumwaacore is a subgenre of Funwaacore. It was invented as its "sad" counterpart referencing the catchphrase "Forget Gumwaa, Remember Funwaa". Gum means sadness in Hindi, while waa is a slang term. Gumwaacore edits use an aesthetic that is really similiar to Funwaacore memes, however they have a few differences such as featuring video game characters such as Waluigi (often called Gumwaaluigi in the memes) instead of stock images and fictional characters from India. During the mid-2010s, Gumwaa and Funwaa became rival meme communities on Reddit, referencing the "Forget Gumwaa, Have Funwaa" catchphrase which basically means "Forget Sadness, Have Fun".


The visuals of Funwaacore are quite simple. Funwaacore visuals are also often featured in Arabfunny memes.
Some of their characteristics are:

  • Stock smiley emojis.
  • Stock images.
  • Colorful texts representing 'bad Facebook humor', either written in English or Hindi.
  • Fictional characters such as Chintu and Mintu.
  • Plain color backgrounds; mostly white, sometimes black.
  • Lots of watermarks on the background.


  • The domain itself was registered on March 19th, 2015, the first capture on Internet Archive for was on March 28th, 2015.
  • The last capture for on the Internet Archive was April 10th, 2023.


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