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Frutiger Eco is a broad sub-aesthetic of Frutiger Aero. It focuses on renewable energy, living in harmony with nature, while also incorporating futuristic themes and architecture centered around nature and sustainability. Frutiger Eco was a popular aesthetic prevalent in images, advertising, graphic design, etc., of the Mid-2000s and Early-2010s that tried to spread awareness of climate change while also encouraging optimism in the form of images portraying a utopian, eco-friendly and advanced future; these motifs are similar to Solarpunk and Cyberparadism. Frutiger Eco is separated from these aesthetics as it more falls in-line with the visuals and history and of Frutiger Aero. Frutiger Eco's name comes from its father aesthetic, Frutiger Aero, and the prefix (not used as a prefix in this context) "eco", meaning ecology or the environment.

History & Usage[]

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Frutiger Eco gained popularity in the Early to Mid-2000s along with Frutiger Aero, both aesthetics utilizing bright and glossy futuristic look to inspire feelings of hope for the future. Frutiger Eco in particular embodied this sentiment using imagery associated with both the future and nature to create a futuristic, utopic feeling. This sense of futuristic eco-friendliness was in response to the growing worries of climate change at the time (these worries still persist today) and Frutiger Eco (along with Frutiger Aero and its sub-aesthetics) aimed to quell these worries and encourage optimism. This led to Frutiger Eco being largely adopted by corporations, its imagery being used to push the values of eco-friendliness and sustainability. During this time, a more corporate version of Frutiger Eco appeared known as Renewable Corporate Futurism.


Along with Frutiger Aero, in the Mid-2010s Frutiger Eco started to lose traction as an aesthetic and a design style. By 2017, with the popularization of Flat Design, the "Frutiger" look had lost most of its mainstream popularity.

However, Frutiger Eco still persists and is still quite popular in the realm of cleaning product logo design.


Renewable Corporate Futurism[]

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Renewable Corporate Futurism (RCF) also known as Stock Eco Office, Stecoffism, or Solargraphic is a subgenre of Frutiger Eco, Frutiger Aero and Corporate. Renewable Corporate Futurism promoted environmental positivity during a time when global warming was (and still is) a great issue. It combines the utopic futurist, humanist, naturist themes of Frutiger Aero and Eco with Corporate office based imagery and values. RCF came to prominence in the Late-2000s and lost popularity in the Late-2010s.



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Frutiger Eco's visuals are a unique blend of advanced technology and nature, with a strong focus on sustainability and eco-friendliness (similar to Solarpunk and Cyberparadism). The futuristic cities depicted in Frutiger Eco showcase (sometimes, but not always) futuristic technology with a focus on including renewable energy sources (such as solar panels (a prevalent visual in Frutiger Eco) as well as plant life being included as part of the architecture of the buildings. The more corporate graphic design visuals for Frutiger Eco include depictions of the Earth (usually - but not always - green), solar panels, plant life such as trees, and general iconography related to nature and sustainability. Frutiger Aero's influence on Frutiger Eco manifests itself in the form of motifs such as glossy textures, "humanism", bokeh, bubbles, and abstract flourishes.