Frutiger Aero

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Frutiger Aero is an aesthetic that was prevalent from 2006 - 2012. Frutiger Aero is characterized by its use of skeuomorphism, glossy textures, use of nature and humanism, use of bright and vibrant colours (usually contrasted on a white or monochrome background), and use of glass. Frutiger Aero is similar to the Y2K aesthetic and can be considered it's successor, as it shares a similar bright and glossy futuristic look.


Frutiger Aero visuals, at first glance, could be mistaken for simply being the Y2K aesthetic in action, but the biggest difference is not only that added onto the base of the Y2K aesthetic, but also the images tend to have a higher definition visual compared to a lot of the Y2K aesthetics (largely due to it coming around just as high definition started to move towards being the new standard. Also, unlike the Y2K aesthetic, the Frutiger Aero visuals lack the sort of "playfulness" often associated with the Y2K aesthetic, in exchange for a more minimalist approach, going for more of a "clean" and professional look.

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