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Note: This page describes the French Girly aesthetic from Japan. For the Western counterpart that was popular since at around the 1950s, see French Girl. For the mid-2010s Western tumblr counterpart to this aesthetic, see Pink Parisian.

French Girly (フレンチガーリー) is an Internet aesthetic and fashion style created by and popular among Japanese young women. It is an elegant and feminine aesthetic that utilizes imagery associated with antique French Haussmann architecture and material culture, combined with whimsical and kawaii details. This type of fashion is largely inspired by luxury brands and prep, but takes on an extremely girly look that is fairly unique to Japanese culture.

This style is mostly on Instagram and has been reported on by Japanese fashion blogs and interest sites centered around young women. French Girly is also based on the clothing of various small brands which gained notoriety for creating and catering to this aesthetic, largely by the brand Epine.




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