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Foodie is a gourmet or a person who has an ardent/refined interest in food and alcoholic beverages. It involves seeking new food experiences as a hobby rather than simply eating out of convenience or hunger. The Foodie aesthetic, however, is dedicated to showing off these foods in very aesthetically pleasing manners. You may also take note of the color combinations, plating arrangement, and composition in their photographs.



Why Does Food in Anime Look So Good - Why, Anime? - Get In The Robot

A breakdown of food in anime and why it always looks so good.

Most foodie shows provide a strong emphasis on food. Be it cooking shows, shows that involve a host traveling to different locales to sample the food of a particular restaurant, reality shows centered around cooking, or works of fiction centered entirely around food, such as the anime Food Wars or the Jon Favreau movie Chef. On top of this, there are several popular YouTube channels that Foodies will watch what generally falls into the same category as examples mentioned above of shows and movies.




Bakery is a subgenre of foodie based around bakeries, bread, and confectioneries from bakeries. There is potential for it to cross over with Lovecore (because what says "I love you" more than fresh baked goods). There's even a mild home for Bakery aesthetics with the various Academia aesthetics because what better way to help you focus on studying (besides some chill music) than some baked goods and coffee?

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Candycore is an aesthetic that involves bright clothing, bright colored bracelets and other accessories, braided and brightly dyed hair. Candycore also includes raving, childish things, and types of candy.


Fruitcore is a subgenre of foodie that revolves around fruit, berries, and dishes made of them. This can be related to Jamcore, as fruits can be made into jam.


Gummywave is primarily associated with partially translucent edible/seemingly edible objects that are visually related to gummy snacks. These include fruit snacks, gummy bears, gummy worms, sour straws, and Gushers.