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Fluowave is an aesthetic which mainly focuses on colors and clothing style. It centers around bright, glowing colors and glow-in-the-dark or UV-light clothing and accessories.

The word "Fluowave" consists of the words "fluorescent" (a form of luminescence, also known as "UV-light glow/blacklight glow") and the "-wave" suffix.


Fluowave visuals have a neon colored, bright, sometimes a bit blurry appearance and are supposed to cause eyestrain. In videos, flashing lights in different neon colors are used.


The music genre used for the Fluowave aesthetic is hyperpop/lo-fi or similar.


Fashion style

Common clothing items are neon colored shirts, short pants, skirts, stockings, colored fishnets and leg warmers. Important is the excessive use of accessories like face stickers, bracelets, necklaces, bandaids, hairclips etc., all of those accessories in bright, glow-in-the-dark or luminescent colors. Transparent neon-colored sunglasses are often worn. Glow-in-the-dark/luminescent body paint is sometimes put on hands, arms or legs, featuring the aesthetic's key motifs, like eyes, cubes or dices. Keychains are important as well; Fluowave keychains usually include keys, a small UV-flashlight and accessories.