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Floggers are an urban tribe that is closely related to, a website where photos are uploaded and where its users can comment on them. Flogger culture originated in Argentina in 2007 and spread to Latin America. Agustina Vivero, better known as Cumbio, was the undisputed queen of the floggers, the leader of the urban tribe. She alone brought together thousands of boys who followed her like a rockstar.

Floggers were losing popularity and ground among the urban tribes of Argentina during 2009. Some time later, the vast majority have branched into other tribes, while a notable number of floggers cling to being "authentic floggers" and not change tribes, although It is no longer a mass fashion. As the years passed, many of them changed or mutated to other urban tribes such as more digitalized like the Turros, which also included similar movements, which also lost popularity. After popularity in Argentina, the tribe gained a lot of ground in other countries such as Uruguay and Paraguay.

“The climax was in 2009. But Facebook had a lot of influence on the fashion disappearing. Also, Fotolog became very commercial and now they charge you for everything. Sometimes I see photos from when I was a flogger and I wonder, was this what I used? “It looked like a massacre!” - Cumbio in 2011.


The style of dressing consist of brightly colored cool pants (tight jeans or jogging pants), loose V-neck t-shirts with fluorescent colors or not. Floggers use canvas sneakers or Converse as sneakers, the hairstyle that distinguishes them is semi-long in men, and bangs in both genders which partially or completely cover the eyes.


Among the tastes of these (formerly) teenagers there is electronic music, mainly techno, on which they have developed a peculiar way of dancing called Electro. The movements consist of quickly extending one leg, hitting the ground with the heel, and pointing the other leg back, and then quickly changing the position of the legs.