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Sensitive Content Notice ⚠️
The following article contains and discusses content that may be distressing to some readers.
Reason for Warning: This aesthetic discusses sensitive topics like romanticized delusion, manipulation, mental health issues and social isolation, as well as minor mentions of lolicon and gore. Reader discretion is advised.

Femcel Weeaboo is an aesthetic primarily made by and/or depicts women who are an overlap between femcels and weeaboos and identify as such. These young women use anime and manga as escapism from their lives, typically as mentally ill NEETs with no real life social circle or romantic partner, although this is through an internet persona rather than necessarily having to actually take place in reality. The majority of femcel weeaboos mostly use Tumblr and Twitter, where they post photos of Japanese media and memes (typically centered around mental illness and existential dread).

Those who participate in the Femcel Weeaboo subculture usually share a very specific taste in anime and music; they often identify with and relate to fictional characters from anime shows and video games that have "messed up" backgrounds or characters that exhibit traits of mental disorders, including but not limited to: Serial Experiments Lain, Needy Streamer Overload, Evangelion, WataMote, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, etc. As for the musical aspect, some genres widely listened to by the Femcel Weeaboo community are Indie Rock, Breakcore, and Lolicore. Another crucial shared interest of Femcel Weeaboos is 4chan meme culture and taboo topics like gore and pedophilia; for instance, there were many controversies in TikTok over a trend of young teenagers calling themselves "IRL lolis" ("Loli" is a word in Otaku culture which serves as a fetish word for young female (child) anime characters). Another common topic is gore, which often overlaps with the a major part of the fanbase of Cutegore. These topics are often used as a form of venting or frustration with trauma, and mirror the psycho-erotic horror seen in classic denpa and other cerebral forms of horror.


The people that express this aesthetic combine multiple disparate elements that express feminine interests, otaku culture, and mental illness. For example, a blog may contain things that show a weeaboo lifestyle back-to-back, or in phases. These images tend to be of more candid quality, with the lighting being harsher and more blue, as it is less polished in appearance.

The more kawaii-oriented side of the aesthetic may pair these themes with girly imagery, cursive texts, pink pastels, kawaii mascots like those on Sanrio products, and soft colors. The images posted often are edited with anime girls and male love interests from popular anime.

Due to the popularity of nostalgic 90s anime in the community, art posted in femcel communities tend to have edgier tones attatched to a typical cute moe archetype. Sketchy lines and rendering, harsh black-white contrast, and dark themes (self harm, ero-guro, denpa, drug use, mental illness, etc.) are added in conjunction with an old school loli-esque art style. This art style is popular amongst breakcore artists.


The anime and manga watched by this community tends to fall into either a darker tone that is notorious for 90s denpa or psychological horror and the philosophical issues presented in them, or anime that heavily uses moe tropes. Most anime that people of this subculture make memes and jokes featuring characters from is Neon Genesis Evangelion and Serial Experiments Lain, however most anime made in the early 2000's to late 1990's can be featured. The more kawaii-oriented side of the aesthetic features series from shojo and idol anime, video games and visual novels targeted at girls. These are often from music-related games like Project Sekai or Love Live!, but other series are also popular.


  • Akira
  • Azumanga Daioh
  • Berserk
  • Black Lagoon
  • Chainsaw Man
  • Cowboy Bebop
  • Death Note
  • Devilman Crybaby
  • FLCL
  • Girls Last Tour
  • Goodnight Punpun
  • Himouto! Umaru-chan
  • Lucky Star
  • Monster
  • Nana
  • Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Onegai My Melody
  • Perfect Blue
  • Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Serial Experiments Lain
  • WataMote
  • Yotsuba&!

Fictional Characters[]

Femcel Weaboos tend to identify with the following fictional characters:

  • Lain Iwakura from Serial Experiments Lain
  • Rei Ayanami from Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Asuka Soryu Langley from Neon Genesis Evangelion
  • Konata Izumi from Lucky Star
  • Kuroki Tomoko from WataMote
  • Ayumu Kasuga/Osaka from Azumanga Daioh
  • Asa Mitaka from Chainsaw Man
  • Homura Akemi from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Madoka Kaname from Puella Magi Madoka Magica
  • Yuuri from Girls Last Tour
  • Chito from Girls Last Tour
  • Saya from The Song of Saya
  • Cirno from Touhou 6: The Embodiment of the Scarlet Devil
  • Yakui from Nijiura Maids
  • Moot-tan from 4chan
  • W. T. Snacks-tan from 4chan

Video Games/Visual Novels[]

  • Ensemble Stars
  • Kimi to Kanojo to Kanojo no Koi
  • Needy Streamer Overload
  • Project SEKAI: Colorful Stage!
  • Saya no Uta: The Song of Saya

Musical Artists[]

  • bôa
  • Goreshit
  • Hatsune Miku
  • Kikuo
  • Lana del Rey
  • Mitski
  • my head hurts
  • psiangel
  • Rebzyyx
  • rehirable
  • Rory in Early 20s
  • Sewerslvt
  • Shoebill
  • wawawa
  • Yabujin
  • Malice Mizer