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Femboy, sometimes also referred to as Roseboy, describes a male person with a soft feminine gender presentation. They can be anywhere on the gender spectrum, but the key defining feature is a femboy being someone embracing physically masculine features while also dressing in clothes that are culturally considered to be feminine.


Effeminacy has been used throughout history, backtracking all the way to Ancient Greece and Rome. The slang "femboy" originated in the 1990s to describe effeminate men who represent themselves femininely by wearing skirts, thigh highs, and other various feminine accessories, and the first online community dedicated to it was created in the form of "Boi Fancy" in 2001. Femboys have recently become more popular on social media, probably also thanks to the common depiction of such in anime.

In the modern era, femboys are usually regarded as being gay men. However, you do not need to be LGBTQ+ to be a femboy. Anybody of any background, lifestyle, and orientation can be a femboy as long as they appear masculine and wear outfits that could be considered feminine.


Femboy visuals consist of conventionally feminine clothing - anything that is culturally considered "for women" fits this aesthetic.


  • Skirts
  • Thigh highs
  • Colors viewed as more "feminine" in nature, such as pink
  • Dresses
  • A more effeminate physical appearance caused by makeup or clothing shaped to resemble curves
  • Women's boots
  • Heels


Femboy-style makeup can be anywhere from none at all to heavy. Some makeup styles can include:

  • Light eyeshadow
  • Mascara
  • Eyeliner
  • Bronzer
  • Tinted lip balm
  • Filled/defined brows

Popular femboy hairstyles are things like short cuts and sometimes long hair.


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