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Female Horror Game Protagonist Fashion is a TikTok trend wherein young women create outfits inspired by Japanese horror video game protagonists, specifically from the Fatal Frame series. The fashion is largely built upon the concurrent social media youth fashion trend, Coquette, specifically the Dark Coquette subtype, as well as having Grunge influences. It largely depends on the use of dark-colored pieces from hyper-feminine brands from Japan and generous accessories.


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There are multiple types of tops that fit into the aesthetic, and could lean in multiple directions. One of them uses tops that have Kawaii details found in Japanese fashions, especially from the brand Axes Femme. They can feature ruffles, Peter Pan collars, lace trim, and ribbons around the neck. One popular trend is the "Milkmaid Top", which is a faux two-pieces top that looks like a scoop neck combined with a contrasting lace camisole.

Other parts of the aesthetic borrow from trends of the early 2000s. Knit tops with contrasting collars are one example, as well as the general trend of secretary-esque feminine blouses that shares some overlap with Kawaii. Pieces from this era are often layered. For example, lace-trimmed camisoles, small vests, and lingerie bustiers are worn under Henley shirts or on top of plainer blouses.

Other styles could lean more towards tactical fashion, especially those who prefer the aesthetics of Resident Evil over the more girlish Fatal Frame outfits. In this style, knit turtlenecks and puffer vests are popular and copy the character Heather from Silent Hill (the character wearing the white vest in the info box image).

All of these tops are often worn untucked and pulled over the bottoms, elongating the waist, which is also a trend from the early 2000s.


Female Horror Game Protagonist fashion contains multiple references to schoolgirl fashion, as the protagonists are often of that age. Specifically, pleated miniskirts, solid or plaid, are very popular and easy to find in comparison to many of the pieces from Japan. The short length also contributes to the ultra-feminine and sexy look that is common in Coquette fashion.

Frilly tiered ruffle skirts, often trimmed with lace or an interesting fabric, are also a common choice and a girlier interpretation more in line with the Fatal Frame aesthetic.

As previously discussed, a more practical look is any type of dark denim skirt, which more sporty characters wear in horror games.

Note that pants/trousers are not worn in this aesthetic, as that interferes with the shoes and legwear.


This aesthetic has a strong emphasis on socks and tights. There are many styles worn, but most common are knee-high or above socks, which is related to schoolgirl uniforms.



  • Duvet by Boa
  • Gods and Monsters by Lana Del Rey
  • Transgender by Crystal Castles
  • Leni by Crystal Castles
  • My Meds Aren't Working by Dystopia
  • Serpentskirt by Cocteau Twins
  • Tender Sugar by Akira Yamaoka
  • La Petite Fille de la mer by Vangeli
  • When the Sun Hits by Slowdive
  • Oblivion by Grimes
  • Constellations by Duster
  • Silhouette by Pastel Ghost
  • there is light in us by Mathbonus
  • The Day of Night by Akira Yamaoka

Video Games[]

  • Fatal Frame 1-5
  • Silent Hill 1-4
  • Final Fantasy 1-16
  • Resident Evil 1-12
  • Haunting Ground
  • Clock Tower series
  • Forbidden Siren series
  • Rule of Rose