Aesthetics Wiki

Fawncore is an aesthetic made by tumblr user fawn-core on July 19th, 2020. Fawncore is a style/aesthetic heavily related to that of cottagecore, naturecore, and grandmacore. It takes some fashion inspiration from Mori Kei, and it’s key colors are greens, pastel pinks, white/off whites, beiges, browns, and various other neutrals. The aesthetic is mainly based around, of course, fawn and deer, being cute and such.

It’s extremely similar to Mori Kei.



【奈良公園の鹿と桜】Deer and cherry blossoms in Nara Park

Fawncore visuals share a lot of crossover with Naturecore, Cottagecore, and other nature-themed aesthetics with a heavy focus on deer (specifically its namesake, the fawn).


Fawncore fashion has inspiration from Mori Kei. Most clothing is in colors such as browns, pastel pinks, whites, beiges, green, and many other neutral colors. Designs that are brown with white spots are common, and representative of the white spots on fawns. Knit clothes are also popular, along with brown boots and accessories.


Activities in this aesthetic may include:

  • Making warm pastries
  • Enjoying nature
  • Walks in the woods
  • Picnicking
  • Knitting
  • Photographing wildlife, specifically deer
  • Caring for nature
  • Having tea and eating pastries