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Fairy Kei (フェアリー系 or フェアリーファッション) is a Japanese pastel fashion that is based on the Yume Kawaii aesthetic, with a focus on children's toys and TV shows from the 80s.


Fairy Kei visuals include:

  • Cotton candy
  • Rainbows
  • Unicorns
  • Milkshakes
  • Confetti
  • Polkadots
  • Balloons
  • 80's toys


The style of fairy kei fashion is based around muted pastels and 80's revivalist cartoons and motifs such as My Little Pony G1, Care Bears, Rainbow Brite, vintage 80's Barbie, etc. The look is very much a ‘fantasy style’, emulating the worlds of 80's girls’ cartoons and early shoujo manga. It began with Tavuchi, founder of the vintage and repurposed vintage boutique SPANK!, as her personal style, and then the look took off from there.

Fabric is usually lightweight for dresses and skirts, such as the loose A-line dresses and the fluttery colored petticoats. Thick, fluffy sweaters, over-sized 80's sweatshirts; this is also the land from whence comes the mokomoko accessories craze, and stuffed animals are sewn onto sweaters and scarves, or as the usual purse. Dress length can be ankle length, knee-length or mini-skirt length; anything fluttery and flowy works.

The most important aspects of fairy kei are the vintage/fantasy world factor, and the color palette. Color is one of the most important features here, less so the structure or item. Pastels and neon-tinted pastels, or high-saturated pastels. Popular colors are pastel pink, baby blue, lavender, light yellow and in smaller doses, ‘white-with-black-dots’. Dark and overly bright colors are not allowed outside of accents. Several motifs and themes are often found in fairy kei as well: most notably the unicorn, followed by kittens, any vintage 80's toy or franchise, moons and stars, rainbows, and naturally sweets such as cotton candy and conversation hearts (the chalky American candy that say things like UR CUTE).


Uchuu Kei

Uchuu Kei

This substyle of fairy kei has a focus on outer space (uchuu) and space alien (uchuujin) motifs. The outfits combine the typical pastel look with flurescent colors and artificial/PVC materials. The make-up can be anything from simple to very colorful and often features unusual lipstick colors. Accessories often include space helmets, fluffies/vinyl legwarmers, headbands and futuristic headphones.



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