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Ethno-Chic is an aesthetic, fashion style and room decoration style that blends Chic elements with Folk elements from various cultures and historical eras. Being related to the more recent Bohemian style, it creates a mixture of ethnic patterns, textures, raw materials and various natural colours and incorporates them into modern Chic fashion. It's meant to create a sense of harmony and cultural diversity. An important part of the Ethno-Chic style is "storytelling" through objects and visuals, as the elements used often carry an important cultural meaning.

Generally, Ethno-Chic can take inspiration from the visual elements of any culture, however cultures deemed "exotic" are the most commonly used. Because of this, this aesthetic mainly takes inspiration from African countries and Indigenous American communities, as well as India. However, it's important to note that Ethno-Chic does not authentically represent the cultures it takes inspiration from; it is supossed to be a multicultural aesthetic rather than a representation of the actual thing.


The Ethno-Chic style was started by various members of the Hippie community in the 1960s, when many travellers from first world countries returned with exotic items, patterns and accessories from some of the most culturally diverse continents in the world[1]. The Ethno-Chic style was created as a reaction to the exclusion of exotic cultures and inspiration from Western fashion, and was associated with the countercultures of the time.
So, the origins of Ethno-Chic could be traced back to the Orientalism movement during the 19th Century, when many people from the Western world became fascinated with the cultures of the Middle East and Asia.

Visuals & Decoration[]

The Ethno-Chic interior design is characterized by its fusion of traditional ethnic elements with contemporary design. It draws inspiration from various 'exotic' cultures around the world, incorporating their unique aesthetics, patterns, colors, and textures into modern spaces. Therefore, this style could be described as an 'harmonious blend of old and new'.

The furniture choices play a huge role in Ethno-Chic decoration: traditional pieces from different cultures are often used, such as hand-carved wooden furniture from African countries or woven rattan furniture from Southeast Asia. fabrics with ethnic prints or textures are commonly used. These elements when combined with modern furniture, can create a balanced look between tradition and modernity, as well as creating a culturally and visually diverse enviroment in a room.

Another key element that makes Ethno-Chic what it is is the usage of handcrafted items, preferably made by people from the cultural backgrounds the items belong to. Handcrafted items such as pottery, baskets, masks, sculptures, and wall hangings can be displayed as decorative elements in Ethno-Chic interiors. Ethnic art, including paintings or prints depicting scenes from different cultures can also be incorporated. Natural elements like plants, dried flowers, and woven baskets add a touch of organic beauty to the space.

The colour palette commonly used in this aesthetic typically includes brown, orange, green and red.


Ethno-Chic can be described as a fusion of traditional ethnic designs with contemporary fashion trends, resulting in a unique and eclectic aesthetic. Ethno-Chic fashion draws inspiration from different cultures, including African, Asian, Native American, Middle Eastern, and Latin American cultures. Ethno-Chic designers and fashion brands often incorporate traditional textiles, patterns, colors, and craftsmanship techniques into their clothing pieces. The most used colours in Ethno-Chic fashion are any natural colours.
Importantly, one of the key aspects of Ethno-Chic fashion is its emphasis on cultural appreciation rather than appropriation. Its purpose is to promote the knowledge and empowerement of historically marginalized cultures by incorporating their traditional elements respectfully and with permission into modern fashion. This is reflected in how the clothing is made, as Ethno-Chic fashion designers often collaborate with artisans from various cultural backgrounds. Additionally, Ethno-Chic has become popular in some oriental countries, like India or Sierra Leone.


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