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Eshay is a slang expression associated with an Australian urban youth subculture.

The term can refer to individuals within the subculture, or to the subculture itself. The word "eshay" apparently derives from the Pig Latin language/argot. The term "adlay" (/ˈædleɪ/), Pig Latin for "lad," refers to the same subculture.

They are often considered stereotypically hypermasculine and inclined to crime and violence. They may be affiliated with other local youths from the same area, hang out in groups, use slang derived from Pig Latin, wear sportswear, listen to drill music, and engage in intimidating and anti-social behaviour often in trainstations, particulary in Melbourne.


  • Illchay - chill/relax
  • Eetswa - sweet/good
  • Ashcay - cash
  • Adlay - lad
  • Gronk - annoying person
  • Staunching - robbing
  • Cunt - Greeting to a friend
  • Dog - Insult


  • Intimidation/Anti-social behaviour
  • Living off Centrelink payments


  • Gucci caps
  • Oakley shades
  • Bumbags
  • Nike TN Air shoes


  • Spanian
  • Sydney Youngins
  • OneFour