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Ero guro (a Japanese romanization of the terms in English "erotic" and "grotesque") is a Japanese literary and artistic movement that combines eroticism, horror, decadence, and deviancy. However, in contemporary times, it is linked with pornography that incorporates blood-to the point of confusing the word "guro" with "gore"- which may or may not follow the philosophy associated with ero guro.


Ero guro nansensu is a series of cultural trends originating from Showa-era Japan. Its roots could be traced to ukiyo-e works, such as those of Utagawa Kuniyoshi, whose detailed works blended fantastic and erotic themes alongside caricatures and mundane elements.


  • Edogawa Ranpo, writer.
  • Teruo Ishii, film director.
  • Suehiro Maruo, manga artist.
  • Shintaro Kago, manga artist.