Equestrian is an aesthetic that relates to the art of horseback riding and horses in general. It features motifs related to horses like saddles, horseshoes and riding on horseback.

Although equestrians are often ignorantly called "Horse Girls", the aesthetic of being an equestrian is very different. A "Horse Girl" is typically understood to be a young girl in a "horse phase" who acts like a horse, only talks about horses, and is generally crazy. An equestrian, on the other hand, can be a person of any gender who appreciates horses and the art of riding.


Equestrian Aesthetic .jpg

  • Riding Bareback
  • Horse Shows
  • Jumping
  • Dressage
  • Stables
  • Tack Rooms
  • Moments of Connection Between Horse and Rider

Popular Motifs Include:

  • Horse Tack (bridles, saddles)
  • Bits (often in a pattern)
  • Stirrups (often in a pattern)
  • Horses (often close ups or silhouettes)
  • Riding Crops


The fashion consists mostly of traditional and modern English riding attire

English Riding Fashion.jpg

  • Helmets
  • Jodhpurs
  • Tall Boots
  • Blazers
  • Short Gloves
  • Collared Shirts
  • Rat-Catchers
  • Polo Shirts
  • Belts

Note: Shirts are almost always tucked into the jodhpurs


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