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Emudevcore is the aesthetic based on the feel of old 8-bit consoles. It attempts to capture all quirks and undefined behavior of different consoles from the 80s era and onwards. This is often achieved through hard work and study, and sometimes leaked documents. The aesthetic is heavily centered around games, programming and gaming.

One major icon of the aesthetic is Fat Yoshi, or known in the aesthetic as "Beeg Yoshi", a character from the Super Mario video game series, more specifically, Super Mario RPG. This icon, often depicted in front of a rainbow flag and known as "Pride Yoshi", plays a big role in the aesthetic and the community around it.

Another thing that is worshipped in this aesthetic is IDA, the Interactive Disassembler. It is often compared to Ghidra, the three headed monster, but is said to always win against this beast.

The story of Chief and the Marie cult

Another key theme in this aesthetic is the story of Chief and the Marie cult. Once upon a time, there was a girl, the first German girl to ever arrive in the United States of America. This girl had no name, and decided to go out on her own. She met a group of bison, and decided to live with them. At first, the bison didn't trust her, but as she spent more and more time with them, they eventually did. Once the bison trusted her, she became alpha female in the group shortly after, and was dubbed Marie. After this, many other girls came to the land, now dubbed "Wyoming", and named themselves after her. After a while, other people noticed what was going on in this area, and started worshipping the Maries. They became known as the "Marie cult", or "devnull" in their native tongue.

This went on for a while, and after a while, the Dutch traveller named "Chief" came along. He was a strange man, always on his own and very mysterious in his ways. Once he saw the herd of bison, and the cult of Marie, he knew what his goal in life was. He went over to her, and kept saying he could not believe she was an actual human women. He kept asking for pictures of her legs to confirm that she was. Marie and her cult wouldn't give in though, and Chief didn't get leg pics. At some point, the alpha male of "devnull", nicknamed Velocity, noticed what was going on. He threatened Chief, but chief didn't even blink. Then Velocity came up with an idea. He sent Chief a picture of his legs, instead of the legs of the alpha female Marie that he was hoping for. This terrified Chief, and he came in a shock. This state of shock continued, and he kept bothering people in the cult, and asking nonsense like "can you help with my SI emu", but nobody knew what he meant.

Chief made many more attempts to obtain pictures of Marie's legs, constantly bothering the cult. After a while, Marie gave in, and gave him a picture of her legs, in an attempt to stop Chief from continuing to bother the cult. This caused the Dutch traveler to go even more insane though, and the cult alpha male Velotity had no other choice but to banish him from the land the bison and the Marie cult roamed, named Wyoming. Chief attempted to come back several times, under different guises, but to no avail. Every time, the cult alpha male would notice his disguise, and scare him off. In a final attempt to obtain more pictures of Marie's legs, the cult alpha male had to strike Chief down, and he uttered his last words: "became undebugable sry..."

Sadly, nobody knows what the words of Chief meant, and a lot of records of his chronicles are lost...


  • Lo-fi Pokémon playlists
  • Greek boys playing the flute
  • Cruis'n Exotica OST
  • Ben Shapiro WAP cover
  • Among us twerk thursday


Non-pc gaming systems are symbolic for this aesthetic.