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Elizabethian England is an aesthetic that centers around the Elizabethan Era (1558-1603), other nomenclature to describe this period is Tudor Aesthetic from 1485 to 1603 when the house of Tudor reigned in England, with six monarchs Henry VII, Henry VIII, Edward VI, Lady Jane Gray, Mary I and Elizabeth I

The Elizabethan Era was also a period of art including sculptures, architecture, paintings, decorative arts (such as ceramics), etc

The Aesthetics was created during the reign of Queen Elizabeth I, also called "The Virgin Queen", who during her reign made many investments in the arts, sciences and culture of England, beginning a "english renaissance"


Tudor Aesthetic[]

Tudor Aesthetic is referring to fashion, art and culture in England under the rule of the house of Tudors in 1485 to 1603 [1]

Henry VII, The first Tudor king (1483-1509)[]

At the Battle of Bosworth in 1485, In the War of the Roses, the future king Henry VII defeats Richard III in battle, and gaining the right to ascend to the throne of England, Henry VII become king, Henry Vii made England have a very good financial period, putting an end to rebellions and increasing state profits, He and his wife Elizabeth of York has 8 children, one of them being the next king Henry VIII.

Henry VII died of tuberculosis in 1509

Henry VIII[]