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EXEcore is an aesthetic originating from old 2010s creepypasta imagery, such as the ".EXE" genre of creepypastas, the "lost episode" video genre, and Zalgo-fied images.


The visuals depict blood oceans, black skies, and sometimes various forms of media distorted into horror. It's also associated with knives and weaponry. Images that feature popular characters usually depict them with red pupils, black sclera, and bleeding eyes, as well as the occasional sharp teeth. Another common theme shared in this aesthetic, although only occasional, is satanic imagery such as upside-down pentagrams. It should be noted that images of this kind don't always have to be strictly derived from an "EXE", videogame or lost episode creepypasta, and can be any form of 2010s creepypasta image.


  • Hide and Seek by Ho-ong-i ft. SeeU
  • Hill Act 1.gym by Kyu Sawamura
  • Any slowed down and/or reversed music
  • Lavender Town from Pokémon