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Trigger Warning: Some sensitive topics are mentioned in this article. If this kind of thing bothers you, please consider reading a different page. Thank you.

Electronic boys, also known as E-Boys, gained popularity through the TikTok app, similar to the E-Girl. The style is very close to modern-day grunge with an additional emphasis on electronics.


E-Boys practice a lot of the same trends as the E-Girl trend, like showing interest in anime and video games, having a persona of being soft yet sexy, striped clothes, dyed hair, and tattoos beneath the eytcect.

There are also some trends that are more emphasized in the E-Boy Aesthetic, such as:

  • Addiction and sad themes, similar to the Sadboy aesthetic.
  • Chains.
  • Interest in artists such as Lil Peep, $uicideboy$, xxxTENTACION, Freddie Dredd, Ghostemane.
  • Self-made temporary tattoos.
  • Chipped black nail polish.
  • Asymmetrical earrings.
  • Split-dyed hair.
  • Curtained hair (a.k.a "middle part").


Similar to their female counterparts, E-Boy fashion tends to draw a lot of inspiration from Emo, Scene, Goth, Punk, Grunge, and Animecore; invoking a sort of "edge" to their personality. They also tend to wear their geekiness on their sleeves as well and will either wear clothing showing off this geeky side, if not getting into outright Cosplay with some of their fashion choices. Some people have described younger Damon Albarn from The Blur (specifically for the music video "Girls and Boys") as the blueprint for the modern E-Boy.