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Dungeoncore is an aesthetic that centers itself around the atmosphere of fantasy dungeons, hopelessness, and claustrophobia. Dungeoncore primarily consists of two elements: the atmosphere of dungeons and the feeling of something old, defiant, and nostalgic, and are most frequently found in video games from the DOS era and illustrations for the first editions various tabletop role-playing games.


Dungeoncore often tends to mostly appear in videos, photos and pictures that depict dungeons where there is only the unknown and the fear of it. These tend to be closed spaces, sometimes of the liminal variety. Smooth transitions from light to dark are used in imagery of this kind. Hints of the presence of someone might be added, but not a direct presence, often using interface elements from various old games. This aesthetic puts viewers in situations in which a player can imagine what will happen next when playing a text-based dark genre RPG, old RPGs, and/or most DOS games.


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