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The following article contains and discusses content that may be distressing to some readers.
Reason for Warning: This page will talk a lot of heavy drug usage and, as a result, some particularly dark topics will come up. If you yourself have found that you've gone down this path and feel bad memories boiling up, we urge you to go to a safer page on here, and we hope you are getting the help you need. Viewer discretion is advised..

Drugcore is an aesthetic centered completely around the underground realm of drug usage and what some people will do to chase that specific high. This particular aesthetic can face some backlash due to its seeming-glorification of abusing dangerous substances and getting high by any means necessary, but it is most usually not meant for the general populace to come across, as it's mostly for addicts to share with other addicts.


Drugcore visuals will generally include a romanticization of getting high using popular meme fodder and tying it in to drug usage of some kind (like, for instance, a meme that reads "Keep Calm and Love Heroin" or "Don't cry cuz it's over, smile cuz it happened" attached to an image of somebody shooting up heroin) or images of administering drugs in unorthodox ways (for example, somebody sticking a tab of LSD in their eyeball). There can be some artistic merit in some Drugcore images that borrow heavily from other aesthetics as a means of promoting the usage of these substances (Grunge is a particularly popular aesthetic paired with Drugcore, especially given how Kurt Cobain went out).

Sometimes these Drugcore visuals can crossover into the territory of Traumacore when drugs are used as a coping mechanism for past trauma, which can add another level of darkness to the already dark world of Drugcore, because they more often than not acknowledge that their drug usage is self-destructive and some, deep down, realize they need help but others, unfortunately, hope that the drugs ultimately claim their lives to end this misery of theirs; but even then, some of these Drugcore images mentions things like turning up homeless as a result of their addictions, stealing from people, selling their bodies, or doing whatever they have to do to score either money to support their habit or to score the actual drugs themselves.

It should also be brought up that it isn't just the usual suspects that one see in the Drugcore aesthetic; alcohol, OTC medicine, nutmeg, and even cigarettes can also get brought up alongside the usual suspects (be it as the focus of the aesthetic or as a side dish to other substances) in sometimes educational ways (for the purposes of harm reduction), but usually it's done in a manner that glorifies substance abuse.

While Drugcore was (and still is somewhat) a big aesthetic on Tumblr, it started to work its way over into the world of TikTok as well where users will post videos of themselves getting messed up on drugs or on how to make certain drugs (like DMT) and posting it with the hopes of going viral.


A lot of Drugcore fashion will make reference to the user's drug addictions, with a popular look called Heroin Chic, which was popularized in mid-1990s fashion and characterized by pale clammy skin, dark circles underneath the eyes, a very skinny body, dark red lipstick, and an angular bone structure. The look, characterized by emaciated features and androgyny, was a reaction against the "healthy" and vibrant look of models at the time. Drugcore fashion can crossover into aesthetics that have a rather large drug user base such as Raver, Vaporwave, Punk, Grunge/Kinderwhore, and E-People.


  • Taking psychoactive substances (legal and/or illegal)
  • Going to clubs or bars



  • The Basketball Diaries
  • Black Metal Veins
  • Blow
  • Climax
  • The Crow: City of Angels
  • Dredd
  • Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas
  • Gummo
  • Ken Park
  • Kids
  • Lilya4Ever
  • Requiem For A Dream
  • Spring Breakers
  • Thirteen
  • Trainspotting


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