Dreamy is an aesthetic that revolves around dreams. The Dreamy aesthetic can dance between the realms of being somewhat grounded in reality to being so surreal that there's no confusing it with one's state of reality.


Dreamy visuals have a very ethereal vibe, which can either be a "realistic" ethereal (which can give it plenty in common with Angelcore or Cloudcore) or a "surreal" ethereal (which can give it plenty in common with either Synthwave or Vaporwave), but shares a lot in common with the Lo-Fi aesthetic (which has a similarly hazy vibe to it). What differentiates the two, however, is Lo-Fi deals almost exclusively with the waking world, Dreamy deals strictly with the "sleeping" world.


"Realistic" Dreamy

  • Ruffled top, lace top,
  • soft-tees
  • flowy skirts/silk shirts
  • ballet flats, white sneakers, sandals, lace white heels, boot cut jeans,
  • flowy dress/silk dress
  • accessories such as pendants, simple necklaces, pearl earrings, pendant simple earings, simple rings, and simple glowy makeup.

"Surreal" Dreamy

  • Glow in the Dark Clothing
  • Iridescent Clothing
  • Glowsticks
  • LED Clothing
  • Fiber Optic Light Clothing


Among the many "dreamy" styles of music, the most noteworthy is Dream Pop, a subgenre of alternative rock and neo-psychedelia that developed in the 1980s. The style is typified by a preoccupation with sonic texture and atmosphere as much as melody. It often overlaps with the related genre of shoegazing, and the two genre terms have at times been used interchangeably.



Hypno-core is a subgenre of dreamy that relates to surreality and a sense of being controlled, hypnotized, or otherwise losing one's self-control. In terms of visuals, hypno-core often has spirals, moving patterns, eyes, optical illusions, unreality, deja vu, and an undeniable sense of things being wrong.

Hypno-core can often relate to neurodivergencies and mental illnesses such as DID, OSDD, BPD, and anything that causes dissociation and intrusive thoughts.

There are several ways to experience hypno-core, just as there are several different views of hypnosis. Hypno-core can be experienced in everyday happenings where one is in a trance of sort, such as when reading, driving, or when half-asleep. A darker version of hypno-core can also be experienced in dreams or nightmares that involve doing out-of-character actions, and dreams where one knows they are dreaming but is unable to wake up.

Still Dreaming



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