Aesthetics Wiki

Drainers gained popularity through the TikTok app. The style is very close to modern Y2K. Although, the subculture is said to have started on 4chan and Reddit, back then the subculture was ironic/a meme and probably just a part of Sad Boy culture.


There are some trends that are emphasized by the Drainer subculture that are very similar to the E-Boy and E-Girl subcultures, such as:

  • 2000s styled edits inspired by Emo, Scene, Mallgoth, and Y2K.
  • Chains and skeleton gloves along with rhinestone clothing and baseball caps.
  • Oakleys.
  • Interest in cloud rap/hyperpop/tread artists and bands such as Drain Gang, Sad Boys, Goth Money, Working on Dying, and NOVAGANG.
  • Emo-inspired tattoos.
  • Black nail polish.
  • Asymmetrical earrings.
  • Split-dyed hair.
  • Long bangs that cover the eyes (for boys/masc people), and Ramona Flowers-inspired bangs (for girls/fem people)
  • Androgynous fashion.
  • Punk ideologies. (though this is more of something set in stone for most alternative subcultures and not so much a trend)
  • Drain Gang merch, thrifted clothing, and Hot Topic merch.
  • Using Reddit for r/sadboys.