Dragoncore is an aesthetic that rose to relevance together with other more mythical and nature-related aesthetics, during the 2010s. It is seen as an direct foil to Goblincore due to its values of appreciating and collecting shiny, beautiful trinkets like jewels, coins and various gemstones, but it can also be collecting things of sentimental value to the user.


Due to its relatively recent creation, it hasn't yet properly developed the true specific values of what being Dragoncore is, commonly overlapping with other aesthetics, but this can also been seen as a good thing, as there aren't a lot of of rules to go by, allowing the followers of this aesthetic to express themselves however they like. This is part of why Dragoncore is a favorite of the otherkin, therian and LGBT communities, with the themes of not applying to usual gender labels.

It seems to have generally a respect of nature and its beauty, and a more elegant, refined well-kept vibe, compared to the messy aesthetic of its counterpart, more dim and darker lighting as well, and an appreciation of dragonic artwork and media of all sorts.



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