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The Dopamine (多巴胺风) aesthetic is a trend that embraces dressing in bright colors and slightly maximalist silhouettes. It embraces positive feelings and intends to lift moods.


This style came about during the COVID-19 pandemic as a way to uplift people's moods and promote positive energy during quarantine. Eventually this aesthetic has become popular in clothing, interior and visual designs, and has seemed to gain the most traction in China.


Dopamine is said to be the complete opposite of the minimalist style that has been trending in the design industry in the recent years with the heavy use of highly saturated, bright, and vibrant colors, such as yellow, orange, hot pink, and neon green. The colors are supposed to stimulate the brain's nervous system and induce a good mood seeing them. Through color matching bright and lively color segments, Dopamine visuals create a positive atmosphere. Motifs within the aesthetic are usually kept in a simple style and often consist out of fruits and candy that match the primary color of the design or outfit.

When it comes to interior design, the Dopamine style doesn't stick to a traditional home layout and mostly adopts an open design that allows for more flexibility in line with the intention of the aesthetic that's "creating a comfortable and pleasant living experience". Besides the importance of color matching. Dopamine also pays great attention to the luster of the materials used and vibrant plastics, glass, and ceramic titles are commonly seen as they reflect light and therefore help create a brighter home atmosphere.


All kinds of fashion styles can be seen in the aesthetic as long as they are in the typical refreshing colors. There are many different combinations of vibrant colors that contrast each other to harmonize the overall atmosphere and create a multi-level coordination effect in the outfits. Fluorescent tops, leg warmers, jelly sandals, fruit accessories, and positive vibes are indispensable from Dopamine.