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Reason for Warning: This aesthetic contains mentions of mental disorders like depression, which can be triggering to some readers, as well as mindsets like nihilism. Reader discretion is advised.

Doomer, also called Doomerwave when referring to its aesthetic, is an internet subculture based around urbanism and other global problems (war, economy, climate change, the end of the world, etc.) seen from a pessimistic and nihilistic point of view, typically focused in east Slavic countries (Russia, Ukraine and Belarus), although it's not necessarily limited to these nations.

The aesthetic usually depicts lifeless and cold images of urban scenery in eastern Europe (particularly Soviet Brutalist architecture) and a sense of disillusionment for the current state of the world. These types of images are usually edited with depressing filters (like old tapes, vintage or gloomy filters) and music genres like Post-Punk, Synthpop, Synthwave, Shoegaze, etc. The signature character associated with this aesthetic is the "Doomer", a Wojak meme character originating from 4chan. The Doomer is depicted as an hopeless adult man who deals with problems like depression and opioid addiction. The Doomer aesthetic sometimes also includes anti-war topics, particularly relating to the Russian invasion of Ukraine, showing images of devastated places.


Some visuals prominent in the Doomer aesthetic include:

  • Decaying urban places in Eastern Europe (usually Soviet Brutalist buildings)
  • Depictions of lifeless, devastated and war-torn places
  • Phrases relating to nihilism and depression
  • Glitch effects
  • VHS tape filters
  • Gloomy color filters
  • A sense of nihilism, pessimism and existential dread
  • A sense of isolation and disconnection from the outside world and other people
  • The Doomer Wojak character


Doomer is not only a subculture but also a global general way of thinking. In fact, the term "Doomer" was used as early as 2008 by the Peaknik community, which essentially consists of people who believe in the Peak Oil conspiracy theory[1]. Later, exactly one decade later, in 2018, various 4chan users started making Wojak memes out of various characters ending in "-oomer" (referencing the term "boomer"). Among them, there was a character called "The Doomer", which gained traction on social media platforms due to its melancholic nature. The internet subculture spawned after this meme was characterized by a dark and hopeless interpretation of the world and modern society, and those who describe themselves as "Doomers" express this through their music taste, ideology, fashion, and aesthetic pictures. Essentially, the four main emotions associated with the Doomer subculture are alienation, pessimism, nihilism and despair. Another key value often found in this subculture is pacifism, as some people have used this aesthetic as a way to cope with the harsh realities of life in war-torn countries.


Doomerwave itself is sometimes described as a microgenre that combines Post-Punk with Vaporwave and Chopped 'n' Screwed music[2]. Doomerwave songs usually consist of sampling Post-Rock or Post-Punk. The samples are slowed down both in speed and pitch, and melancholic elements are added, like record cackles, glitch sound effects and high reverb. Multiple Doomerwave remixes can be found on YouTube and Reddit, where they gained a cult following. Moreover, other than Doomerwave, the Doomer aesthetic is generally associated with a wide number of musical genres. The most predominant music listened by the Doomer community generally includes Post-Punk or Synthpop. However, most songs that have a sad and existential vibe in general can be used in this aesthetic. As described by various members of the community, Doomer songs convey feelings of somber, melancholy and bittersweet emotions[3].


Some musical genres associated with the Doomer subculture include:


The Doomer aesthetic is sometimes criticized for aestheticizing nihilism and depression. Some people argue that the Doomer aesthetic is promoting these negative and destructive philosophies, and that it potentially discourages people from taking action to improve their lives or the world around them.


  • Unwashed plain hoodie or Adidas jacket
  • Blue jeans
  • Tennis or skating shoes
  • Worn down, beaten up car
  • Joker 2019 poster
  • Unemployed, works night shifts, or nearly all day (8 hours or above)
  • Cigarettes and/or coffee


Musical Artists[]

  • Молчат Дома (Molchat Doma)
  • Июльские Дни (July Days)
  • Ploho
  • Utro
  • Soviet Soviet
  • ssshhhiiittt!
  • Kino
  • Buerak
  • The End Of Electronics
  • Nirvana
  • Godspeed You! Black Emperor



  • Joker (2019)
  • Watchmen (2009)
  • The Batman (2022)
  • Taxi Driver (1976)
  • Come and See (1985)