Dollcore is an aesthetic that is inspired by Japanese ball-jointed dolls, but can encompass all dolls of a similar fashion (such as Barbie, Bratz, Monster High, etc). It mostly centers around artistic photography and image edits featuring bjd as central focus.


  • Poofy dresses (often empire-waist) or skirts
  • Ball-jointed tights
  • Platform shoes
  • Sheer fabrics


The more extreme fans of the aesthetic follow a practice refered to as "dolling" in which they turn themself into living dolls with the help of bjd kigurumi masks and often also ball-jointed zentai. It highly increased in popularity because of the worldwide media coverage about Lulu Hashimoto, who centers her modeling career around looking like a bjd. She's a hot topic that is still loved by core fans.

Media Examples

  • Barbie
  • Bratz
  • Monster High
  • Pullip


Dollcore Spotify playlist by Toby


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