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Dokukawaii (毒かわいい) is a Japanese aesthetic that centers around themes related to toxicity and bright colors. Its name is derived from "eye poison" (目の毒), which refers to something "so colorful it hurts your eyes yet you can't stop looking at it".

It is often conflated with the Yami Kawaii and Gurokawa aesthetic by those not familiar with it.


The term Dokukawaii was originally coined by artist Miruki to describe her morbid neon art style. Even before it was officially given a name, this aesthetic would already be spotted in the various works of Japanese artists.


  • Neons
  • Poison
  • Glowing colors
  • Gas masks
  • Toxic waste
  • Warning signs
  • Slime
  • Fruits



Manga & Anime[]


Popular artists within Dokukawaii include:


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