Dionysism (pronounced die-oh-ny-sis-em) is an aesthetic based on the Grecian god Dionysus, his cult, and various other aspects of Grecian life and polytheism.

Dionysism is based around hedonism, partying, and having a general good time. This aesthetic is an original one that has yet to gain a large following or interest. I just made this to have fun!


There are two facets to Dionysism; classical and contemporary, both explained in full below. However, the long and short of it is that classical Dionysism draws inspiration from the true Cult of Dionysus, while contemporary Dionysism draws from modern ideas of hedonism, usually stemming as a way to cope with burnout.

Classical Dionysism

Classical Dionysism based on the original Cult of Dionysus. So, a lot of its imagery is based around that! Think parties in the woods, dryads and satyrs, dilapidated marble statues, abandoned stone buildings full of rowdy drunks, and metal goblets filled to the brim with wine. This is almost the idealized version, but there’s no right or wrong way to do it. Which leads us to…

Contemporary Dionysism

Contemporary Dionysism is based on modern hedonism being used as a way to help with burnout. A lot of imagery comes from frat parties where everything just feels a little magical, even if it’s just the alcohol talking. Imagery includes smoking on someone’s roof, a smokey basement with colorful lighting, toga parties, running from the cops with friends, and talking with the beautiful stranger in the corner.

Note that both strains of Dionysism have unhealthy behaviors attached to them. Whatever you do, be sure to be responsible and healthy, and understand that I am in no way condoning the excessive behavior that comes with Dionysism.


Dionysism has a core value of hedonism, so comfort is first and foremost in a Dionystic outfit. Classical Grecian influences are equally important. This means earthy colors like sky blues and grass greens, linen whites, and metals like copper and gold. Some common fashion aspects and clothing pieces can include:

  • Loose, draping clothing
  • No or little makeup
  • Lounge clothing like oversize shirts and sweatpants
  • Togas and capes, sometimes made from everyday objects like sheets or blankets
  • Flowy, long dresses, tunics, and skirts in light colors
  • Whatever’s comfortable!

There’s no right or wrong way to wear a Dionystic look, but I like having guidelines when I plan an outfit in a specific aesthetic. You do you!

A statue associated with Classical Dionysism. Image courtesy of Pinterest user Theo Hearst.

Activities & Media

Dionystic Activities

  • Reading classic Grecian myths and poems, such as The Iliad and The Odyssey
  • Learning an instrument like the harp, flute, or acoustic guitar
  • Smoking or drinking with friends (again, please be responsible when using intoxicants)
  • Hanging out in the forest
  • Going to underground parties
  • Staying up and waking up late

Dionystic Media

  • The album Cosmicandy by The Orion Experience (especially the song The Cult of Dionysus)
  • Your choice of college frat movie
  • Anything with the subject of hedonism or rejection of authority
  • The Greek classics


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