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Sensitive Content Notice ⚠️
The following article contains and discusses content that may be distressing to some readers.
Reason for Warning: This article discusses topics of racial slurs, as well as having high-contrasting/eyestraining imagery not for photosensitive viewers. Reader discretion is advised.

Deep Fried Memes (sometimes also spelt as Deepfried Memes) are a meme aesthetic that was prevalent from 2015 to 2019. The aesthetic focuses on applying a massive amount of filters and visual effects to images until they look hurtful to look at, as well as adding surrealistic, "dank" elements to the pictures; such as bright glowing red eyes, silly emojis, a red square with a B letter on it, and so on[1].

Sometimes this meme aesthetic also uses elements of dark humor, such as racist jokes and slurs, which has led to controversy (See the Criticism section). The Deep Fried Meme trend first originated in Tumblr in 2015 and quickly gained popularity on sites like Reddit and YouTube, often being associated with the 2016 Band Kid stereotype.

Deep Fried Memes are perhaps one of the most iconic examples of meta-ironic memes during the late 2010s, as they focus on the nature of memes and gaining meme status rather than the jokes themselves.


Some visuals commonly seen in Deep Fried Memes include:

  • Silly emojis
    • The Blood Type B emoji (🅱️)
    • The 100 emoji (💯)
    • The OK hand emoji (👌)
    • An edited version of the Joy emoji (😂)
    • Muscle emoji (💪)
  • Overly satured colours and filters
  • JPEG compression
  • Excessive visual noise
  • Glowing red eyes
  • OBEY caps
  • Guns
  • Lean
  • Colgate logos
  • Explosion/Bulge effects
  • Slang related to late 2010s meme culture
  • Dark jokes and humor (often)
  • Surreal imagery
  • Text that is often difficult to read


Deep Fried Memes are often considered controversial because they incorporate a lot of elements of dark humor in them. For example, many of these memes use racial slurs or jokes that potentially make a mockery out of suicidal people. Some Deep Fried Memes were also deemed ableist. Other than that, they often were criticized in 2016 for being unoriginal, as the main subject of this meme genre was to over-saturate images and adding extremely repetitive motifs to them.