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Decora (デコラ) is a Japanese aesthetic that revolves around an excessive amount of decoration. It first appeared in the mid-90s due to the increasing popularity of the Japanese singer Tomoe Shinohara among teens.


Decoden (デコデン) originally refers to the excess decoration of mobile phone cases, but has expanded beyond the original meaning over the years and can refer to anything over-the-top decorated with cabochons. It is very popular among Japanese girls in their teens to late 30s.


This style can be combined with pretty much any clothing but the most popular base fashions are Pop Kei and Fairy Kei. The outfits combine casual clothes with many layers in the form of multiple hair clips, bracelets, tulle skirts, stockings, leg warmers, and pins. Face stickers are very common to be worn with colorful make-up that matches the clothing. Wigs of unnatural colors may be worn. Clothing may have many prints, such as colorful prints, heart prints, and many other patterns.


Artists incorporating Decora include:


Black Decora

Black Decora (also called Kuro Decora) is nearly visually identical to Decora, but with the obvious exclusion of the bright colors. The accessories used in Black Decora often lean towards skull and gothic motifs.

Pink Decora

Pink Decora is another subtype of Decora that uses mainly pink, as the name suggests. Very small pieces of other colors can be used, but the color scheme is always mostly pink.


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Black Decora