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Deathrock is a movement that started in the 1980s. People who identify with the movement are called "deathrockers". Considered a "missing link" between goth and punk, deathrock is a fusion of the two movements. As such, it shares many similarities with both.


Deathrock, like other goth scenes, puts its emphasis on music first and foremost. Deathrock bands include Alien Sex Fiend, Christian Death, 45 Grave, Kommunity FK, Xmal Deutschland, Specimen, Sex Gang Children, and more. Other genres enjoyed by deathrockers include, but are not limited to horror punk, psychobilly, goth rock, and darkwave. Deathrock music is known for having a more loud, punk-like sound incorporated with a more theatrical presentation (compared to goth) and lyrics often referencing horror movies and other sci-fi themes.


If you wish to get into deathrock, some good beginning albums include:


The fashion is very distinct, combining punk's DIY-fashion with goth's dark and spooky aesthetics. The most notable feature of deathrock fashion is the deathhawk, a teased or backcombed variation of the mohawk hairstyle. Another feature of deathrocker fashion is ripped clothes and fishnets. A prominent piece of ripped clothing is that of a webbed-sleeve, made usually out of ripped tights, to recreated a spider-web look on shirts, jackets, pants and even boots. Deathrockers utilize heavy makeup, and some may even wear a lot of facial piercings.