Aesthetics Wiki

Deathcore is an Aesthetic that is associated with Heavy Metal music and Really Emo styles. If you are deathcore you are probably more dark than a usual person. You listen to a lot of bands and your closet is almost all black. You probably have mental issues and a bad past but all you care about now is to get those new fishnet leggings at a random emo store near you.


You are probably bored all the time. You are 17+ and you always wear black. After a long day of work you sit in your room in listen to heavy metal rock music while drawing weird 13+ drawings. You also try not to smile a lot for some reason. You act like your depressed but you really arern't you just have mental health issues. You dont play video games that much cause you rather draw. The only apps you have are facebook, snapchat, twitter, and discord. You also play subway surfers still and the effect is crying all night because you miss the good times in your childhood. Even though there wasn't usually any.