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Dazecore is an aesthetic inspired by sleepless nights and the buzz of late night/early morning thoughts. It is very closely linked to Urbancore, Geek, and Dark Minimalism, heavily influenced by artists working in the early hours of the morning and students staying up late at night working on papers. The origin of Dazecore appears to be on @the_niche_cliche on Instagram, on the 19th of May, 2020.


A lot of elements of Dazecore can cross over into the After Hours aesthetic, but viewed through more of a Dreamy lens.

  • Softly glowing screens in dark rooms
  • Ambient and Lo-Fi music, crackling through broken headphones
  • Stacks of notebooks with scribbles in the margin
  • Time seeming to slow down around 3am
  • Racing thoughts and shaking hands
  • Unknown footsteps on creaky stairs
  • Late-night texts to loved ones
  • Reoccurring dreams of falling endlessly


A lot of the fashion from Dazecore borrows heavily from the Cuddle Party aesthetic, but while Cuddle Party is more about laid back and good times with your friends, Dazecore has a slightly surreal bent to it

  • Oversized, comfortable sweaters and hoodies
  • Soft, fluffy jumpers
  • Muted color tones
  • Simple makeup and messy hair
  • Flowing, wide-legged trousers
  • Matching sets and pajamas, in soft and cozy fabrics


Dazecore music tends to include Ambient and Lo-Fi music.



Other Media[]

Dazecore regularly appears in media.

  • Elementary (TV show) - Dazecore regularly appears during late-night sessions working on cases (or breaking into buildings).
  • Primer (Movie, 2004) - Dazecore appears throughout the movie, as many late-night were spent working on and experimenting with the machine.