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Darkcore is inspired by a set of dark rooms. This aesthetic can depict a black void or shadowy corners. Shadow figures are popular motifs of this aesthetic. The images are pictures of someone running away from a black figure or walking through an abandoned house. This aesthetic is meant to give uncomfortable/eerie feelings. Sometimes darkcore admits strange lights coming from nowhere. These pictures also tend to vary in quality.


Darkcore visuals include dimly lit areas, abandoned places, haunted houses, dark levels of the backrooms, and things that are pitch black such as voids and black holes.


  • Windrag - Jack Stauber
  • Rainbow Factory - GLAZE & Woodentoaster
  • Backroom Labyrinth - Oliver Buckland
  • Espial - Oliver Buckland
  • Lotta True Crime - Penelope Scott


Although this aesthetic is mainly visuals some hobbies include:

  • Exploring abandoned places
  • Sitting in dark places
  • Studying things black holes and dark matter