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Dark Nautical is a subgroup of the Nautical aesthetic. Though it shares a lot of imagery with both Nautical and Pirate aesthetics, it borrows much more from cottagecore in its romanticized interpretation of western life by the sea. Whereas Nautical tends to focus on much more higher economic class aesthetics and Pirate on chaotic, Dark Nautical centers around a more simple and harmonized life like cottagecore. What makes Dark Nautical distinct from cottagecore is its focus on the sea aspect of nature rather than the forest or meadows. Dark Nautical is also characterized by a certain existential fear that does not exist in any of the previously mentioned aesthetics. The aesthetic involves being both aware of the vast ocean: what it is capable of, and what lies below, as well as being isolated for long periods of time. This awareness of the danger involved with the sea aligns Dark Nautical with such aesthetics as Witchcore and Forestpunk. Originally conceived earlier, it experienced a resurgence in early 2021 as sea shanties became more popular. Earlier versions of the aesthetic includes such works as Moby Dick by Herman Melville and the works of H.P. Lovecraft.


Dark Nautical fashion is reminiscent of the 18th and 19th centuries and primarily broken up into two categories: feminine and masculine.

Feminine Fashion:

  • Ankle-length dresses made of cotton or similar simple materials without much embellishments
  • white aprons
  • white underskirts
  • Long hair tied back or styled to be kept away from face
  • blue or black and white striped stockings
  • sturdy boots
  • minimal jewelry, a brooch or a locket (containing the picture of your love lost at sea)

Masculine Fashion:

  • aran or fisherman sweaters
  • henley shirts (striped blue or black and white or solid colors of grey or blue)
  • sturdy boots
  • pipes
  • flatcaps
  • nautical tattoos (anchors, mermaids, compasses, etc.)
  • Yellow rain coat and hat
  • large beard
  • little to no frivolities
  • breeches, jeans, trousers, or other such simple garments


Key features to the aesthetic include

  • lighthouses (of which there are various types and designs)
  • intricately woven rope
  • aran sweaters
  • wood burning stoves
  • sea salt
  • sailing ships
  • storms brewing
  • fishing nets
  • rowboats
  • gas lamps
  • sea monsters
  • seashells
  • compasses
  • old maps
  • seaglass
  • colored bottles




  • Moby Dick by Herman Melville
  • Works of H.P Lovecraft
    • The Call of Cthulu
    • The Horror at Martin's Beach
    • The Shadow over Innsmouth
    • The Moon-Bog
    • The Terrible Old Man
    • The White Ship
    • At the Mountains of Madness
  • What the Sea Wants by Tracy E. Banghart
  • The Mermaid, the Witch, and the Sea by Maggie Tokuda Hall
  • Fog Magic by Julia L. Sauer




  • The Longest Johns
  • The Dreadnoughts
  • Celtic Woman
  • Stan Rogers
  • Storm Weather Shanty Choir
  • Kraken Shanty Band
  • The Seadogs
  • Pyrates!
  • Ye Banished Privateers


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