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Dark Naturalism is an aesthetic that mixes in the natural world, with its darker elements to create an atmosphere of a naturalist mystery, worship and beauty.


Dark Naturalism's visuals revolve around nature with a sense of obscure mystery. It interlocks with Dark Academia. Something like ghost and cryptid hunters, and mysterious forces in the woods. Handwritten threats with pressed or dried flowers, stained with a kiss of lipstick and sprayed with perfume or cologne; tied with a strip of ribbon, a blade of grass, or sealed with wax. Studying religious history and admiring its architecture, music and stories.



  • Adrian von Ziegler
  • Birdy
  • Bon Iver
  • Chelsea Wolfe
  • Daughter
  • Emma Ruth Rundle
  • George Ezra
  • Foals
  • Florence + the Machine
  • Hozier
  • Lana Del Rey
  • Lord Huron
  • Mumford & Sons
  • Of Monsters and Men
  • Peter Gundry
  • Rag n' Bone Man
  • Regina Spektor
  • Woodkid
  • Eivør Pálsdóttir
  • Tomáš Dvořák



  • Casually sharpening pencils with a pocket knife
  • Reading nature poetry to the trees on campus as you lay under their shade.
  • Leaving offerings for the fae and making risky deals with them to ensure your academic success.
  • Studying by the open window of your house, feeling the breeze.
  • Reading murder mysteries in a field of green grass.
  • Leaving little bouquets as gifts to classmates and professors you hate.
  • Doing a crazy amount of research on supernatural forces.
  • Going out on little field trips to try and get a glimpse of the unknown.
  • Respectfully loitering around churches.
  • Waiting to catch a glimpse of the doberman.
  • Learning and admiring culture.
  • Majoring in horticulture.
  • Finding and collecting bugs.
  • Scooping up the spiders and crickets that get inside your school and taking the time to release them outside.
  • Enjoying ghost anthropology and witchcraft.
  • Disapearing into the woods for hours at a time
  • Knowing your local trails
  • Feeling embraced by the fog
  • Respectfully collecting bones you find on your field trips


  • Tights
  • Light, plaid skirts
  • Maroons, sage, greens and whites
  • Button downs
  • Dresses of all kinds
  • Trousers either ankle length or rolled
  • Lightweight jackets
  • Linen shirts
  • Flowers with hidden meanings in your hair and clothes
  • Worned out boots