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Danish Pastel is an interior and graphic design aesthetic that became popular among young women in 2020, specifically on TikTok, Instagram, and Pinterest. It is characterized by having pastel, Scandinavian furniture and accessories against naturally lit white rooms. Like other TikTok interior design aesthetics, certain products and designs have become iconic and are featured in almost every iteration of the aesthetic.


The aesthetic's visuals are somewhat of a continuation of the simplistic and sophisticated 'Scandi Style', which dominated Western interior design in the 2010s, albeit with an added affinity for color and with a less minimalistic approach. This reflects Generation Z's embrace of all things maximalist, which can be seen in the asymmetrical decorations, bold color combinations and eye-catching patterns utilised. Much of the aesthetic takes inspiration from modern art that emphasizes shapes in flat colors, such as from Matisse and Picasso.


Danish Pastel is an interior design aesthetic, so there is a strong emphasis on products centered around decorating and furnishing a home. The photos in the aesthetic largely center around collections of items that create a pleasing color palette of brightly-colored pastels, often contrasting white walls and furniture.

Here is a list of common furniture and decor pieces utilized in this aesthetic:

  • Candles, sometimes with unique shapes resembling mini statues, bubbles, or upward swirls
  • Pastel plastic bins modeled after milk crates
  • Faux green leaf garlands
  • Flowers in vases
  • Pastel posters, designs like flowers, places, etc.
  • Curvy blob-shaped mirrors
  • Wavy checkerboard rugs in pastel colors
  • Small handmade ceramic dishes


  • Checks
  • Hearts (most notably from Powerpuff Girls)
  • Wavy shapes
  • Flowers
  • Argyle
  • Squiggly lines
  • Checkers or wavy checkers
  • Stars or sparkles


Many people have translated the interior design aesthetic into fashion through the use of the same colors and patterns. In terms of garments and silhouettes, the aesthetic follows contemporary trends of 2023.


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