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DORFic is an aesthetic featuring Abstract Tech-esque minimalist imagery that was popular from the Mid/Late-2000s to the Mid-2010s. DORFic is an acronym for Daylight, Orange, Red, Futurism, plus the last 4 letters of the word "graphic" (simplified to "Fic"). This aesthetic is a subgenre of Frutiger Aero, Abstract Tech, and can be compared to Renewable Corporate Utopia due to their shared focus on large corporations.

History & Usage[]

Potential DORFic predecessors include Retro-Futurism and Atompunk of the 1960s, and the rise of mobile technology and some street-art designs in the Late-1990s, DORFic began to become prominent in the Mid/Late-2000s and was predominantly used in video games and corporate design. It lasted until the Mid-2010s, 2016 being the last year DORFic saw any significant usage.


DORFic is industrial and highly minimalist, featuring stark white cityscapes primarily accented with bright oranges and grey. It borders on monochromatic clothing, including "techwear" and business casual in an effort to look sharp, clean, and casual. In some imagery, black takes the place of the white backgrounds, creating a dark alternate version of the aesthetic. This style of imagery tends to lean much more into Cyberpunk and Dark Aero rather than Frutiger Aero such as how the lighter imagery does.

Occasionally there is a presence of military and factory iconography, utilizing a balance between sterile scientific gear. Generally, DORFic largely overlaps with Frutiger Aero due to them both having a very sterile and corporate feel to them; however, DORFic can usually tends to focus more on industrialism, and often leans into more of an Abstract Tech style as opposed to the nature characteristics of Frutiger Aero. DORFic has quite a few similarities to Cyberpunk as well due to their shared use of heavy tech, and sometimes corporate corruption, although DORFic is majorly more sanitized and less dependent on neon gear and holographics. Parallel and symmetric geometry also plays a large role, parts of explosive visuals and low polygonal composition is often central, especially in the communication of motion; it is best exemplified in 3D video designs.



  • Jelly Jump (2015)
  • Mirror's Edge series (2008-2016)
  • Clustertruck (2016)
  • Superhot (2016)
  • Remember Me (2013)
  • Syndicate (2011)
  • Tomodachi series (2009-2013)
  • Rocket League (2015)
  • Mr. Driller series (1999-present)
  • Techno Drive (1998)


  • Tracer (Overwatch)
  • Chester V & Live Corp (Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs 2)
  • Vector (Despicable Me)



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